Jindal Stainless Steel, 2017

Care for MIlk

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Client Brief

Jindal Stainless is one of the largest stainless steel conglomerates in India and ranks  amongst the top 10 stainless steel conglomerates in the world.

The company wanted to penetrate the dairy industry in India through a social  initiative to bring light to the poor practices being followed by milkmen and dairies.


Raise awareness regarding  various government  norms around the storage  of milk in India .

Ask the end consumer to  educate their milkmen  and dairies     regarding the  norms and ask them to  use Stainless Steel cans


The team came up with a campaign called ‘CareForMilk’. The campaign  revolves around creating awareness regarding the right storage of milk so  that the end consumer gets the quality of milk they deserve. It requests  users to ‘Take A Pledge’ to educate their milkmen and local dairies regarding  the right storage of milk and advocate the use of Stainless Steel cans as they  preserve the beneficial nutrients of milk and prevent the formation of bad  bacteria.


There was a high traffic on the website:http://jindalstainless.com with 284225 visits among which there were 248566 were new users. The landing page: http://www.jindalstainless.com/Careformilk/Ipledge/  had  257151 visitors which claimed more than 1 lac pledges.


Jindal Stainless Steel

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