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Client Brief

Develop POS communication for the launch of Minute Maid Smoothie - an offering with Milk, Mango and Banana - a tastier and healthier alternative.


The idea was to position MM smoothie as a quick and convenient, yet healthy and tasty snack for those small hunger pangs. The 4.30 pm time slot was to cue the occasion of kids just back from school, looking for a quick snack, or alternatively, of them just having come back, changed and topping up on a tasty treat before heading out to play.


Execution was largely shoot driven, with sets being made to get single shots and avoid compositing in post.


'Snacking' was relatively new territory for Minute Maid and it was important for the creative work to reflect the positioning correctly. The consumer reaction to the launch and subsequent feedback show that the creative managed to do just that!

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