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Quotient Communications Pvt. Ltd.


Shopper Marketing, POS, Flyers / Posters / Tent Cards / Brochures, Packaging, Print Design, Retail Branding, Communication Design, Graphic Design, Print Design, Traditional OOH

  1. Mumbai

No. of Employees: 51-100

About the company

Hello! We are a creative agency looking for our kind of clients. By our kind of clients, we mean - Large marketeers who want an agency to supplement their AOR - one that’s easy to deal with, does great work, has terrific turnaround, and is priced reasonably. If you are one of these, do read on…

To start off, what are we good at?

Crafting effective communication? Of course!
Developing great creative? Sure.
Brand understanding? Yep.

But then, after years of working with top tier marketers like Coca-Cola India and all its brands, Croma, Reliance, Reynolds, Marico, ABD and others, it would be ridiculous if we didn’t have these capabilities. But since every agency worth it’s salt will be good at the above, why work with us?

Because of how we choose to deploy our talents -

1. We’re happy being the ‘other’ agency in your life.
With any large marketing department, there’s always a lot going on for which a second agency is sorely needed - POS and Promotional Creatives, Shopper Communication, various BTL creatives, Internal Communication, Collateral Extensions, Packaging, and a whole bunch of other stuff, where you need good, hard-working creative and quick turnaround. We specialise in this.

2. We have only one objective - Client Delight.
Whether that delight stems from a well created campaign which delivers effective results or whether it’s a pack render for e-commerce. We do it all. We’ll handle any creative, graphic or production requirement you may have - Key Visual Development, Copywriting and Content, Shoots, Translations, Social Media Posts, AVs… you name it.

3. And finally, you don’t have to take our word for this.
We have some really great clients who have chosen to work with us for a really long time. By recognising the continuing value we provide, they give us recognition. We could ask for no greater validation of our existence.

If our pitch interests you, do get in touch at We’d love to explore the possibility of working together.

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Coca-Cola ICC World Cup Promo
BRAND Coca-Cola In, 2019

PROJECT Coca-Cola ICC World Cup Promo...

Coca-Cola India was running a behind-the-label promotion where consumers could text a unique code found behind the label and win prizes, with the g...

Minute Maid Smoothie Launch
BRAND Minute Maid, 2019

PROJECT Minute Maid Smoothie Launch...

Develop POS communication for the launch of Minute Maid Smoothie - an offering with Milk, Mango and Banana - a tastier and healthier alternative....

Special Edition Packaging Designs
BRAND Allied Blend, 2018

PROJECT Special Edition Packaging Designs...

This isn't one single project but a collection of multiple projects, all with the same brief - Create special edition packs for speci...

Kinley Durga Puja Creatives
BRAND Kinley, 2016

PROJECT Kinley Durga Puja Creatives...

For quite a few years now, we've been developing the Durga Puja festival creative for some of Coca-Cola India's brands. This work was done ...

Occasion Based Communication for Punjab
BRAND Coca-Cola , 2016

PROJECT Occasion Based Communication for Punjab...

Create a range of communication for specific occasions in Punjab, using Diljit Dosanjh, to leverage his rising star pull. ...

Head Office

502/503 - Jai Antariksh, Antariksh House, Makwana Road, Marol Naka, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400059, Maharashtra, India.

Founded in



Sagar Pusalkar


Though Quotient began as the brainchild of one person, it has now grown to a point where there really is no single person we can point at and say - that’s whom our world revolves around. We believe that though we are in the service industry, we provide an experience to our clients - a delightful one. And the experience we create is the result of each and very person who is a part of our company. From the guy who greets you when you enter the office and offers you some chai (at least, used to in happier times), to the account exec who picks up your phone in the morning with a cheerful hello, to the art director who’s bleary eyed from the all nighter he pulled last night, to the studio folks who have managed to retain their sanity and humour after 10,000 revisions (excuse the hyperbole) and yet delivered before the deadline, and so many others - all of them are the leaders who shape Quotient.