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Men’s grooming and styling market is steadily evolving in India. Optimus Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. was making a foray into the industry with brand Whiskers, endorsed by actor cum model Rannvijay Singha. Whiskers features a solution to all requirements of urban men, from a neat beard to a stylish tash, skin care or to pamper hair, and for his tattooed chafe too. Client’s vision was to add a dash of masculinity and passion to every man’s grooming regimen. Cornerstone to evolve such brand positioning was creating brand identity that exudes modern vibes, captures attention and compels men to make space for Whiskers in their wardrobe.


Interest and economy around men’s grooming has witnessed a robust growth in the recent times. However, when we turned the clocked backwards and studied the history of men’s grooming, it hit us that this tradition has been evolving since the dawn of civilization. Of all, Maya people (Mayan Civilization) were the first to have shown deep interests in grooming their appearance with tattoos, unique hairstyle and piercings. This insight led us to the core idea: Showcasing evolution of men’s grooming and positioning Whiskers as the authority in Urban Men's Grooming category.


The logo subtly weaves a story of men’s grooming evolution. In the centre there is face of an urban male personifying today’s youth. Glorifying him in the backdrop are intricate designs of Aztec culture, strongly evident in tattoos and various art forms dating back to Mayan civilization. The logo traces origin of men’s grooming to Mayan civilization and narrates how it has evolved in today’s urban landscape, oozing an urban, bold and masculine feel while ringing with authenticity. Elephant and fish flanking both sides reinforce the masculine and bold appeal. Overall, the design culminates into Whiskers’ positioning: Men’s New Grooming Swag.


The logo infused a brand identity into Whiskers that speaks volumes of masculine psychology and creates an aura of international and premium brand. On the shelf or on the scroll, it helps Whiskers’ products stand out from others and attract eyeballs. Along with aesthetics, the logo is functional and effectively extendable across different mediums. The logo received excellent reviews not only from the client, but from peers in the industry as well. It went on to win silver for Best Corporate Identity in prestigious Foxglove Awards in regional category.

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