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Octagen Specialities LLP is a leading marketer and supplier of technically advanced synthetic, semi synthetic and conventional engine oils and specialty lubricants with 30 years of industry experience. We had created brand identity design for their flagship brand Octagen. The client wanted to introduce a comprehensive range of superior quality automotive and industrial lubricants in selected Indian markets under the brand Octagen. He asked us to create packaging design for the entire range which could establish Octagen in the market as a premium, rugged and reliable brand of automotive and industrial lubricants at par with national and international brands like Castrol, Shell, Total, Mobil, and Gulf among others.


The client had covered all bases in terms of product, price and placement but he did not have big marketing budget like his multinational counterparts.  Hence responsibility of the fourth P – Promotion – rested on the shoulders of packaging design. Our challenge was two pronged: create packaging design that makes customers perceive Octagen as an international brand as well as effectively position the brand.  After lots of research, brainstorming and empty cups of tea, we figured that the two pronged challenge can only be tackled by designing the packaging around two core ideas: communicating value of the product with minimal design and at the same time creating a visual excitement which makes end users stop and take notice of the new brand on the shelf.


To create stronger brand recall, we came up with unique names for each category; like Gearmatic for gear oils. The product range was extensive and each category had a unique target audience hence we created look and feel of belonging to a single family identifiable with colour code for products in each category. We neatly balanced focus on various communications on the front –logo, product name, and application – and back – product benefits and other details. We also gave due consideration to how packaging design would look on the product – cans and barrels in this case. For some products, we created design which involved application of innovative printing in order to amplify visual appeal of the product on the shelf.


Our packaging designed served the purpose of creating look and feel of international class brand and attention grabbing visual appeal. Its premium look and feel made it easier for vendors to create space on the shelf for this new entrant as well as generate visibility and interest among end users.  At present, Octagen is sold in selected markets of India through a wide network of automobile accessory and service stations. In the launch year itself Octagen clocked more sales than target. Not to exaggerate the impact but these figures are achieved without any significant promotional budget and solely riding on the impact of its product quality and packaging.

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