Client Brief

The journey of Copper Chimney began from Worli, est. Bombay in 1972. 

With a legacy as old as 47 years, we had a loyal customer base. But the new-age customer cohorts found themselves detached from the brand identity. Our master chefs, or Ustaads, were waiting to serve them with a helping of our traditional tastes.

The problem was, we needed to reach out, and reconnect with these groups without losing our core and our identity.


Before we moved forward, we went back to our roots and relaunched the original Worli outlet of Copper Chimney.

  • For a generation obsessed with crisp, visual storytelling we retold them the story of our legacy in a 5-day integrated campaign.
  • A cinematic recap of the age-old tradition was conceptualised and presented with the added gratification of new-age discounts on fine-dine


  • Teaser: Glimpses from the brand film were pushed as the countdown to the ‘new’ Copper Chimney which created a huge online buzz and paved way for the online & offline re-launch of our Worli outlet
  • Brand film: Our brand film, talking about Copper Chimney’s legacy, ustaads, signature dishes, ambience and much more, was published as an IGTV video and uploaded on YouTube
  • Origin year discount: We offered a flat 72%  discount for the first 72 guests throughout the 5-days of the campaign
  • QR Code Scanner: A special QR code was pushed across all branded units, which on being scanned redirected people to the brand film uploaded on YouTube.
  • Extension: We wrapped the campaign with an earnest, heartfelt social invitation communicating that our all-new Copper Chimney outlet was open to hosting its new guests


  • The overall impressions on our social content experienced a surge of 160%
  • The fact that our engagement grew by 620%, was proof that we had successfully reconnected with our audiences.
  • In a matter of just 5 days, the Worli outlet hosted more than 2400 guests and saw a subsequent incline in the number of walk-ins

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