Client Brief

Gatsby Creative Awards, our annual IP, is an international talent hunt conducted by Gatsby for students across the world to uncover young talent

The objective of the campaign was to create awareness about 14th GCA and asking the students to participate in it

After a month into the campaign, we studied the data of participation, only to observe that entries from India were limited

We needed to reach out to a targeted group of audience in India, and encourage them to reach out with submissions effectively


We switched to new communication and made the campaign all about a FREE trip to Japan

We also switched to new mediums/platforms of communication, for an effective outreach leveraging the platforms and pages our TG was visiting daily


We relooked into the TG's behaviour to understand their motivation for participation

We realised that gratification is a huge driver for our audience, we revised all digital & social media assets with the new communication that explicitly focused on the reward of this contest

We established that a huge set of our potential participants was not following us on social media, and we need to promote outside our current potential reach

We collaborated with 7 micro-influencers on Instagram who gave us a shout out on their page via selfie videos

We promoted the event on Google Display Network, and ran website traffic ads


The influencers videos, carousel creatives ads and static creatives received 1600K+ impressions, 100K+ reach 37K clicks on the website

The GDN ads got 137K+ impressions with a CTR (Click Through Rate) of 3.65%

The total number of entries received after the new strategy was implemented was 8X more than the earlier number of entries

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