Client Brief

Mumbai Food Project had already fulfilled delivery of 14,00,000+ meals and 20,000+ ration kits in 19+ locations across Mumbai. They wanted us to transition the project into its bigger picture that will be of key importance once the lockdown is completely lifted, i.e. education and job opportunities. 


An open-letter from Munni to Mumbai, on behalf of every daily wager and migrant, hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic

Mumbai is a city of dreams and all strata of its society have dreams. Our idea was to harp on the notion that the dreams of the privileged are no different than those without it, only their circumstances are. Following that, we picked our protagonist and voice to be 'Munni', a kid who's leaving Mumbai with her parents only to return when the city reopens for good.



Our open letter was a callout to fellow Mumbaikars, who have always stood by each other

Its content sought their support to nourish every community with care, and fulfill their aspirations in this city of dreams during a global nightmare

We uploaded the video on social media channels of Mumbai Food Project

The video was amplified on Pratham's social media channels and website 

Influencer outreach and Whatsapp broadcast helped us expand the potential reach to maximum


Netizens had an overwhelmingly heartwarming response to Munni's innocent letter.

The letter was directly shared over 526 times on Instagram alone

Apart from that, the city's most influential impact-makers took the initiative to spread the message further 

With an overall reach of more than 108K+, the letter was viewed more than 35.6K times 

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