Client Brief

Piramal Vaikunth is a township project of Piramal Realty in the Balkum Area of Thane. Developed for premium mixed use, set in a lush green habitat, and equipped with the widest range of amenities, it sets the highest standards of luxury in its neighbourhood.

Out of the 4 clusters within the township, Cluster 3 consists smaller 1, 1.5 and 2 BHK homes. The sales campaign was critical for this particular cluster. Reason?

The compact-sized apartments in Cluster 3 offered similar benefits, as that of the larger apartments in the same township.

The strategy – constructed by a partner agency – was to position these as ‘A Class Homes’; that immediately gave these homes an aspirational quality. The strategy helped the brand maintain rapport with the project’s other patrons – who had bought 2 & 3 BHK homes for twice the price – and not make them feel compromised.

Our brief was to showcase the ‘life-sized aspirations’ fulfilled by these ‘compact-sized apartments’ with an objective to drive sales


The aspirational bliss of a fulfilled life invariably connects people and connects with them too.

We picked out moments of life – shared by both the existing and the targeted group of clients – and strung together the story of a blissful A-class living.

Our CTA videos isolated different infrastructural amenities on the project and highlighted the value they add to residential space in order to strengthen the sales pitch.


We unfolded the story in parts to

-          Create intrigue about the luxury of A-Class Home available at an affordable price range

-          Introduce the project and its amenities, alongside the aspirations that it caters to

-          Present the complete experience of living in the A-Class Homes of Piramal Vaikuntha

This exclusive video campaign rolled out in 3 phases, viz. teaser, pre-buzz, and launch


Piramal Realty Received an overwhelming Response for A Class Homes 

Assisted by the video-led campaign, the sales team recorded a sale of INR 200 crore with over 300 units booked within 9 days of launch.

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