Client Brief

When California Prunes came to India, the market was unaware of what is a prune, how to eat it, how it looks, what benefits does it have. We were briefed to tell the story through print ads


So we played up the word by using it in pun intended statements. We conveyed the benefits, age-group and usage by using shadow play and yet put a bowl of prunes in all its glory.


We read up and found out the various benfits of prunes and how versatile it is. The usage, age-groups, eat it raw, cook it, snack it... and yet we couldn't just inform everything without introducing how it looked to the customer, because honestly prunes do not look that appetising.


The result was great in making the customers familiarised with the product and showing them the benefits. It told the story of prunes wonderfully through happy creatives - direct and simple.

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