Client Brief

Create awareness regarding PEP Professional and its community among a mass audience.

Create buzz about Asia’s largest platform for learning ABC (Art, Business, and Craft) of photography.

Educate media about co-founder’s vision and mission regarding PEP.

Promote PEP on social media

Reach mass audience with the help of press.

Sell tickets though online and offline marketing strategies.


•Create a community of photographers which connects to the brand.

•Content marketing to reach our TG Group.

•Online PR to reach Mass Audience.

•Event promotion through social media to reach our TG.

•Email Activation Plan.


•Rs. 10 Cr Worth PR Value Generated across media (and counting)

•6.7 Million Social Media Impressions from official handles.

•450 Million Media impressions.

•Title sponsor got 10 Cr worth of PR Coverage.

•Sponsors and Associates received 10 M.

• combined media impressions (including Social Media)

•10 L worth PR value received for associates

Team Pumpkin

Full Service / Creative

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100+ Employees

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