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When we delved into research, we realised that traditional food items are looked at only as passing nostalgia and had not evolved to the standard of becoming the food of choice of the modern Indian consumer. The reasons for it were multiple- Lack of awareness amongst today’s consumers about the authentic cuisine and the foray of rich recipes, countless alternatives for food and snacking readily available and prejudice associated with choosing traditional food over popular western brands and   food items. As unfortunate as it is, the aforementioned prejudice is real. For instance, most of the consumers under the demographics in consideration wouldn’t serve native snacks at a party. If you ask, why? Most yesteryear   favourites are designed and packaged with a dated aesthetic and therefore filtered down to tea shop snacks.  


To create resonating recall, a consistent brand language is key. The credo set the tone for the website design, social media and all advertising , across  digital platforms. Unadultrated usage of the bold typography and contrasting palettes were bettered only by the use of custom, quirky patterns designed using visuals of real ingredients. The packaging took on a bold and bright language in the image of all the zesty, earthy and traditionally rich flavours it brought to light. 


A genuine brand story that engages the consumer in every way that JOOT reaches them. And because the brand story was much inspired by the consumers, we wanted our image and narrative to be an honest two-way street of communication. It helped us define the brand - exactly what it stood for, where it aspired to be and where we position it. Our mise en place included the main propositions of the brand, blended with the guiding message. Quality food and packaged to convenience with the taste, and warmth of home.

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