Client Brief

The main idea was to bring all Viatris employees on a Digital Journey, taking each one to a next level. To take a step forward. We want to “infect” the organization in a positive way: making people curious, willing to try, and to understand Digital is in a number of different ways impacting everything (consumer behaviors, ways to contact HCP, ways to connect with colleagues/run meetings, etc.). Taking away possible barriers, possible worries and thus enabling a step forward in digital competencies and digital closeness for each and every one. 


The idea is Brain stands for “Mind”, network coordinates stands for digital and it connected to the alphabet “D” which represents the mind connected to digital. In other words, the logo is a reminder to the employees to use a digital platform for any kind of communication.  


As per the brief, we created a logo that would best depict Digital Minds. We used a brain, digital coordinated and the letter D. This indicated the mind and its connection to the digital platform




This concept worked and was approved in the first draft itself. The client was very happy 

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