Client Brief

Danone embarked on a  journey to take parents from  Awareness to Action when it comes  to food allergy and help babies with allergy live a fulfilling life.

 In India there is lack of  awareness and information about  food Hypersensitivity because of  which it is quite difficult for people  to evaluate the allergenicity of food  in them


As leaders in the Allergy Category,

Shaping the Category by Reaching consumers and  increase awareness on Allergy & COFC

Targeting the HCPs and Consumers differently.

Designing a new microsite:  to gather traffic

Symptom Checker was designed to  help people understand what their  kids’ allergy symptoms could mean.


For Consumers

Awareness - We made mothers aware about allergy, by showing common foods that can cause allergy in a creative way…( talk about the approach for creative and why) Then talk about the tie up with moms community and reach nos etc.

 Education - Moms worries are satisfied, when they hear for a KOL, hence we roped in  KOL, who helped us to educate mothers further on this topic + Blogs written on allergy.

Action - We developed the Allergy symptom checker that was hosted on our microsite so  that parents could ascertain their child’s allergy susceptibility

For HCPs

Awareness – We engaged doctors through Docplexus via expert articles, webinars and  interactions to talk about common foods that can cause allergy.

Education – We hosted webinars on Allergy (mention topic) on our flagship educative  platform i.e. DNA – Danone Nutricia Academy.

Action – Help their patients identify allergy via symptom checker  And hence, treat the same




  1. Overall the campaign is outperformed itself in certain KPIs
  2. The creatives were well accepted and drove the intended message
  3. Allergy Symptom Checker was a successful CTA which drive traffic to the website
  4. The search Nos were low but the CTR was on all time High of 8.23%
  5. Maximum GDN Traffic was from Health page on News site and with an Average CTR  of ~2% which is way beyond Industry average of 0.6-0.8%
  6. Videos by Expert received very good traction as content peg
  7. How to Recognize Skin Allergies in Babies? Received 94k views alone
  8. Baby Rashes was the most searched keyword during the campaign duration

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