Client Brief

Yakult DanoneIndia (P) Ltd is a 50:50 JV between Yakult Honsha, Japan and Groupe Danoneof France, both of which are global probiotic leaders. The JV was formed in 2005 to manufacture and sell probiotic products in the Indian market. Yakult, a probiotic drink was launched in India in 2007.

Our association with Yakult has been long and it needs consistent upgrade in strategy and communication. They need both branding and lead generation Vigorously done from time to time.  They have multiple communication plank that we keep revisiting to according to seasons and need.

Educating consumers about internal bacteria and intestine.

Explaining the benefits of Yakult.

Making audience aware about various F&Qs related to Yakult for exampleWhy drink Yakult everyday, How can drink Yakult, Difference between Yakult and Curd


The strategy focused around educating customers through innovative creatives and campaigns. Moreover increasing awareness on importance of Immunity, Good Bacteria, Probiotics, etc. Thus, leading us to engage with our customers and having an influence on the brand.

Reach of the Brand & Products

Devising communication plank

Topical Brand Campaigns

Video Campaigns on facebook, youtube

Influencer and Blooger meet

Performance campaign for Home Delivery


The ultimate endeavour is to Educating consumers about internal bacteria and intestine health. And we need Explaining the benefits of Yakult So that they are endeared to it.

We employ the strategy of driving the audience to various F&Qs related to Yakult for example Why drink Yakult everyday, How can drink  Yakult, Difference between Yakult and Curd .

We keep a constant build among the audience through contests and video promotions on Youtube.

Our lead generation campaign are region specific for which we use Geo-fencing Incorporating it with Facebook, Google, and programmatic



Yakult received more than 52 million impressions with Facebook  giving almost 29  million & Google clocking 23 million impressions in the period

The total clicks on During this period was 502,797, Facebook had 277,749 clicks and Google had 225,048clicks. Youtube had 7,812,131 Impressions, with 2,846,119 views

The total number of enquiries generated were 13,078

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