Client Brief

New Freezeland is a popular chain of fast food and casual dining cafe located in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Gandhinagar. It’s a popular hangout destination for young & old, famed for its lip-smacking sandwiches. New Freezeland has been operative since 1983 and despite having competent footfalls the client felt that the placed lacked an aura that is happening, vibrant and fun. An ambience that not only young but everyone young at heart could rejoice in. We were tasked with overhauling ambience design of New Freezeland with a view to making the place more inviting and friendly while not compromising its brand identity built over 4 decades.


Our entire team headed for New Freezeland to get a feel of the place and the people who frequent it. We did recce of the entire place to understand it and also to identify the scope of work and spaces which we can utilize to revamp ambience. We decided upon using walls adjoining customer counters to convey appetite arousing messages. We factored in other unutilised corners and spaces that did not stand close to customer sitting area to create food friendly ambiance design. Close to entrance we decided to tell a story of origin of the sandwich.


Throughout the interiors we used colour theme in the ambience branding that is easily recognized with New Freezeland and also added new colours to infuse warmth and excitement. On the walls, we used wall hanging frames as well as flex banners to communicate creative food related messages.  We created a typography design in black & white to turn a pillar from an obstruction into a creative space. New Freezeland is well-known among its patrons as ‘The Sandwich Factory’ and this USP was given due visibility across the interiors. To maintain continuity of ambience theme, we also redesigned menu of New Freezeland and take-away sandwich packaging. 


After execution, new ambience of New Freezeland adorned the café with a new look and feel that oozed friendly and lively vibes. Objective of creating transformation with caution so as to not make feel patrons out of place but to delight them with a surprise was served. Patrons were enthused about the new ambiance of their favourite café, and shared good reviews. It also helped creating a buzz and attracting new footfalls by offering their TG a lively environment to go with lip-smacking food. The client was so happy with the ambience design that it was adapted as a central theme across their all new stores.