Client Brief

Umbrella branding for a leading herbal medicine pharma company. Effective product stories for a global launch.

The big idea for this brand was to create an effective brand strategy which functions as totem pole around which the brand identity, name, package design and communications could be aligned.  These elements then had to drawn under one umbrella brand architecture.


Creative Solution

Herbal meds Logo is the result of extensive creative exploration of symbols and medical research. The logo beautifully amalgamates nature ‘leaf’ (depicting energy, power & enthusiasm) + the traditional symbol for medicine ‘the plus sign’. This sums up the crux of the brand which lies in providing nature inspired medicinal products.

Creative expressions for brand and communications were developed keeping in mind global audiences. Visual language, design and vocabulary helped to build the perception and bring intuitive acceptance for herbal based medicines or cure. We used phrases like "herbal pain remedy" and simple key pain points and right visual language based on consumer insights and targets.

Brand communication we designed had visual representations to elaborate upon reasons to believe on herbal based medicines and develop trust for parent brand - Herbal meds from Mega We Care.


Strategy & Approach

Mega We care wanted to revitalize its brand with a new range of herbal medicines. With key differentiators of sourcing standardized high-quality herbs from Europe and China, Herbal meds focused on creating medicines with a scientific proven solution with a problem-solving approach of filling the therapeutic gaps. Procreate identified a brand strategy which reflected the root strengths, benefits and the Brand persona for the brand.

Considering the target market was multilingual, Procreate suggested a name that would communicate the key features of the brand i.e. Herbal medication with no side effects. Following cross cultures and legal research, ‘Herbal meds’ was chosen as a brand name. This is inspired by the source of the medicines “Herbal” and meds an abbreviation for Medicines.




  1. Mumbai




11-25 Employees

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