Client Brief

Deliver a comprehensive end to end branding project including brand strategy, brand identity, naming, brand voice and a packaging solution for a new eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable lifestyle range of products.


Creative Solution

We also developed a visual language and packaging design & communication for the brand BECO.  We designed a large range of sustainable disposable products in harmony with nature through eco-friendly and biodegradable products such as Bambooee (tissue rolls, napkins and kitchen towels).


The package designs had a brand story behind the pack which communicated a larger purpose for customers contributing in saving the environment. Print design mediums such as brand collaterals, brand guidelines, communication design and catalogues were created to introduce BECO to convey the story behind the product launch.



Strategy & Approach

Procreate Branding created the brand ideology “a greener choice for a healthier and happier tomorrow”. A brand strategy and design that would resonate with a brand name, we proposed the name “BECO” meaning Be Ecofriendly.


The creative process began by designing a ‘greener planet’ as their brand mark. Strong colors of grey and green lent itself to creating a beautiful visual identity and convey the design elements-from a plastic world to a greener planet.



Results: The new brand had a positive and good impact in the markets and business. BECO products began promoting at farmers markets and exhibitions, there was good consumer response and demand grew high. The team noticed that its products were also functioning a lot better than its non-compostable, non-biodegradable counterparts. The company claims that it is the only brand in this range that uses recycled and craft paper for packaging, which makes every component of the product biodegradable and eco-friendly.



  1. Mumbai




11-25 Employees

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