Client Brief

Client: Monsanto India was a part of the US agrochemical giant and agricultural biotechnology corporation founded in 1901. Monsanto Company ranked 199th on the Fortune 500 index basis its revenue in 2018 and was taken over by Bayer corporation in 2018-19. 

Our frutiful engagement with the brand ran from 2014-19, till it was taken over by Bayer. 

Brief: To launch the brand digitally with the communication centred around sustainable agriculture, modern technology and food aimed at reaching the maximum number of relevant audiences across platforms. 


The idea was to create a space where the audiences could learn about the brand, its 40 year legacy in India and the dispel the myths around the brand and its products. 

Discover Monsanto was the web property that did just that, an interactive portal that was created to highlight the long standing relationship between the brand and the country's farmers along with its stellar work in the social sector. 

The campaign drove traffic via the ads to thereby creating awareness about Monsanto and dispelling myths. 



The decision makers and decision influencers around food were identified into three broad audience groups, Mothers, Students & Working Professionals 

The campaign was designed to deliver a mix of Reach, Impressions and Engagement as objectives

Platforms were identified on basis of the presence of the targeted audiences

The budgets were allotted according the priority of audience significance


• Facebook 

• Google Search Ads

• Google Display Ads

• Affiliate Network 

In the subdequent years, Advertising on Twitter, Instagram and Native were added to the mix.



The client renewed the engagement for subsequent years, which to us is the most effective indicator of a succesful campaign. 


• We are succefully able to create a robust digital presence for Monsanto India

• Monsanto India was the first brand in its category and for a long time the only one to create such a presence on digital 

• Total Impressions: 397 million 

• Facebook: Generated a total of 190+ million impression with an unique reach of 55+ million 

• Google Search Ads: Impressions - 2.1+ million | Clicks: 45+ thousand 

• Google Display Ads: 166+ million impressions with maximum of them coming in the news category 

• Affiliate Network: 27+ million impressions across premium placements 

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