Client Brief

Client: Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) is the apex body of private real estate developers, established in 1999. 

We have been in partneship with CREDAI since 2017 assisting them in the live streaming coverage and marketing of their various event properties all over the world.  

Brief: With events taking place all over the world for the sake of the CREDAI members who couldn't attend the event and the for the media to pick up the live feed for coverage, we were approached to produce the Live Stream for CREDAI National accross all its events on Digital.


Insight: The social media engagement is higher when content is shared in the video format, jumps even higher when the video content is Live. And when the content streamed is of premium quality, the viewer attention is the highest. 


As one of the very few agencies which started Live Streaming across all platforms way back in 2014, we have always beleived pre-production planning, equipment and technical crew are most improtant factors in determing the quality of the user experience. We always invested in building capacity in all the three. 

We follow the methodology below:

• Dedicated Broadband Connection, HDMI Input and a Multi Camera Setup

• Venue Recce and Dry runs

• We are well versed with Security Protocols for the VVIP addresses

• Multiple Hardware Encoders along with a back up of a Software Encoder 

• Detailed Live Streaming Report 



Numbers for Natcon Live Streaming: 

• Number of Facebook views are at 8,980 which is 79.3% of the total Facebook Fans. This number is up by 27.5% from Natcon'2017 (Standard percentage being 5-7% of the Page Likes) 
• In comparison to Natcon'2017 the Facebook Live Reach for Natcon'18 is up by 15.89% and the total number of engagements are up by 63.5%
• The number of views on Twitter (Periscope) are up by 65.8% compared to Natcon'2017
• Total Number of views on Youtube are at 4,298 which helped gaining 42 new subscribers to the CREDAI channel 
• Total Number of Views across platforms: 15,053 (up by 85.1%)
• Total number of minutes streamed live: 657 (increase of 61.7% in comparison to Natcon'2017)
• Number of Platforms: Three (up by one compared to Natcon'2017)

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