Client Brief

This was a project by Arvind Smartspaces in Bengaluru and the client brief was to create a short Youtube Ad film that talks about the project and highlights an offer that was ongoing.


In order to keep the video in-sync with the ongoing communication that had been running in print media, digital and in the brochure, the theme of Live Unlimited was carried ahead. The idea here was to communicate and show the maximum number of things in a minimal time frame, while also highlighting the offer.


Due to the lack of time, our best bet was to use footages from the 3D walkthrough and existing introductory film that we made and club it with an offer slide. The idea of Live Unlimited was communicated with a simple and crisp voice over. The renditions of their views and the walkthrough footages were duly incorporated to make it appear seamless.


Clubbed with the ongoing promotions, this Youtube Ad was viewed a number of times along a short span of time and garnered a lot of responses including walk-ins to the site booking office.

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