Client Brief

Our client is an innovative pet care product who were the firsts to introduce “liquid bandage” in India for pet protection. Their revolutionary product offers advanced care with fast healing, enabling dogs & cats to move freely even while healing from open injuries. 

They were looking for a partner to build a website and design branding for the product ,with an objective to inspire trust among the pet owners and veterinarians (TA).


4 step branding strategy: 

- Logo with the brand guidelines- A neat and complimenting design with smart brand placement, drafting a compelling story for the brand. 

- Collaterals- Trust inspiring designs in packaging and brochures and at the same time raising awareness. 

Website-  A simple, clean and informatory website, enlisting product usage & features, benefitting customers in product understanding. 

- Coasters- Distributing coasters to veterinarians who form a major part of TA and this, creating efficient branding for the product.


After thorough research about the brand features, attributes, and the pet care market, we identified the following brand challenges:

- Awareness: There is little to no information about the developments in pet health care products. The brand’s first challenge was to educate the TA about their product.

- Adaptation: The TA is a bit hesitant in trying new products since it relates to their pet’s health and wellness. Additionally, due to its advanced nature, the product was priced a little higher in comparison with the regular bandages. 

- Affinity: Owing to the strong emotion of TA associated with pets, the brand needed a pleasing and empathic approach in their communication to gain acceptance.

Our branding strategies were aimed at resolving these obstacles using the website and creative collaterals. We designed banners and brochures to circulate information and build trust around the product. The designs were soothing, pleasing, and were integrated with the brand attributes.  The information was architected on the website in a concise manner to guide a customer about product features & benefits.


The client successfully achieved their objectives and observed a gradual increase in leads. Our designs and visuals gained them affinity among the pet owners and the veterinarians. As a result of our boutique healthcare solutions, Cyrovet increase awareness, likeability, following and was able to inspire trial amongst the target audience.

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