Client Brief

For a newly launched brand like Prolyte, it was very essential to choose the right communication platforms, the right communication style and the right creative approach.The brief was simple – Make use of the social media communication to its best to leverage the concept of “Energy To Go Longer” & “Duniya Finishers Ki Hai”.


Platform Selection:
With so many social media platforms, brands often face the question of “What would be the ideal platform for my brand?”. We, twisted the question a little, and asked, “What are the platforms wherein my audience is active?”.
Thus, after a complete study of our TG’s online behaviour, and four rounds of focus group discussions, we chose to start with the major platforms Facebook and Instagram. This would help us achieve our objective of driving awareness for the new brand Prolyte.

In a fast-paced world like ours, one wants to always “do more”, “be more” and “finish what was started”. These aspirations were most common among our TG, working professionals.
What was also common, was that “tiredness” & “lack of energy” were the barriers to these aspirations for most of our TG.
Thus, we decided to curate concepts that spoke about “Energy To Go Longer”, “A little Extra”, “Finisher” & “Duniya Finishers Ki Hai”.


Communication Strategy:
• In the launch markets Karnataka and North Eastern States, we began our communication by creating awareness through our launch series, that addressed “Tiredness” as a common pain point that working professionals faced. This resulted in high resonance amongst our TG which was evident in the engagement rate.
• With a precisely crafted digital campaign in association with Radio Mirchi Neon run & Unwind with Papon, we saw our brand’s engagement soar, resulting in a spike in our followership.
• Resonating with the brand’s functional promise and connecting to our TG during the lockdown, which came as a sudden challenge, we created a video to salute the frontline working professionals for their selfless fight.
• Connecting to the working professionals emotionally, we created two campaigns, namely, #ProlyteKahani & #FinishItLikeAPro that stood as our top performers and created a brand lift.
• Our page communication transitioned from functional to emotional, standing as a page of inspiration.

Community Building:
• Immersive brand experience for the health & fitness enthusiasts via sponsored events like Radio Mirchi Neon Run & Unwind with Papon.
• “Finishers” contest that brought together our audience who are/aspire to be successful finishers.
• Prolyte AR game at the event Radio Mirchi Neon Run, Bangalore, where runners and others alike could get awareness about the product through an engaging activity.


• Within the first month, through our awareness campaigns, we gained a reach of 1.4 Million only within these two geographies & garnered an overall engagement rate of 28%, way higher than the industry benchmark of 12%.
• Through our video saluting the working professionals during the lockdown, we achieved a reach of 7L with our Cost Per Result at just 4 Paise.
• With our relatable & inspirational communication through our campaigns #ProlyteKahani and #FinishItLikeAPro, we saw a whopping growth in the engagement rate to the tune of 78% over a period of 3 months, overtaking the industry benchmark by far.
• This phenomenal feat could be achieved at a Cost Per Engagement of just 8 Paise.
• Our page followers’ growth rate soared by a massive 102%, creating a huge brand lift.

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