Client Brief

Campaign In A Nut Shell:
Technology is inevitable in our everyday lives, especially when it comes to getting connected with your loved ones across the world. Connectivity without technology is pointless in today's dynamic world. During festive occasion, Facebook becomes a primary forum for dialogue between customers and the brand, giving companies the opportunity to build better relationships with target audiences and current customers. Leveraging this opportunity, we came up with the idea of getting connected to our audience and created a Facebook Messenger Bot. This campaign with the integration of technology made it a huge success, connecting people across the world with the personalized greetings in Diwali.

In India there is no bigger festival than Diwali. Diwali, the Festival of Light is marked with joy, merrymaking & togetherness for Indians around the world, where it is all about diyas, crackers, and sweets. Its every brand dream to be celebrate the occasion with them by greeting and enjoying. As a Brand, Cavin’s aimed to raise awareness and top of mind consideration dur amidst the customers during Diwali.


Diwali is the most widely celebrated festival in the Indian community. In Diwali people tend to wish their closed ones living across the world. Evidently, sending greeting images is the predominantly used way to wish their friends and family.
Cavin’s as a brand wanted to make those wishes more special and meaningful. So, we decided to capitalize the area of sending the wishes with the best use of technology as technology has become a part and parcel of our lives.

According to Google Search Trends, keywords such as, Personalized Greeting Card and Personalized Wish hits its peak during the Diwali Season and we wanted to leverage this to spread the goodness with Cavin’s.
Hence, we came up with the Campaign of “Spread The Goodness”.

In order to get started, we focused on instigating people to use a specially created personalized greeting card to wish their near and dear ones. To achieve this, we used Facebook as a platform and created a chat bot for our Facebook Messenger.
Using this innovation, we enabled our customers to create a personalized greeting card with their favorite flavor and a design of their choice during the Diwali week.


Harping on the wishing space, we created a chat bot in our Facebook Messenger that helps people to create their personalised greeting card with their favourite flavour and a design of their choice in a few clicks.

The Process:
1)Creation of a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.
2)Designing 16 different Greeting designs for the customers to choose.
3)Subtle integration of our product in that.
4)Creation of a buzz just before Diwali Days on Facebook that lead them to our messenger chat bot.

Steps Involved:

Once the user enters, all he / she had to do was
1)Choose their favourite Cavin’s milkshake flavour
2)Select a design we made for the particular milkshake
3)Enter their name
4)Their name gets printed on the greeting
5)Download and share it with their friends and family


1)1000+ unique users
2)More than 5000+ messages exchanged
3)Achieved 25x increase in 1 on 1 communications with the customer
4)Reached 1,00,000+ families and was part of their celebration

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