Client Brief

Nippon Paints had a wide brand awareness across the country. But, their products was not much known in the country. Hence their brief was plain and simple, they wanted create awareness on their range of products.


Csk’s return to the Indian Premier League was the talk of the town. Nippon tapped this opportunity and took the association with the team to a whole new level which then gave birth to the hashtag #yellowpoduwhistlepodu. They combined their product’s name with cricket terminologies to spread awareness about products and also made sure to engage their audience by interacting with them. Contests were also held.


Consumer engagement activations both online and offline were weaved into the communication plan. Our sole intention was to spread word about the wide range of products and at the same time engage the viewers. The hashtag #yellowpoduwhistlepodu was trending and used by many celebrities and fans. Through various social media platforms, this social drive was brought into the spotlight from where we established people’s take on this subject.


We managed to reach out to 9.8 million people and achieved and 108.7 million impressions were made.
3542 viewers used our hashtag and we had 15977 tweets.
Our hashtag trended twice in the course of 45 days both nationally and internationally.

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