Client Brief

To celebrate Women’s Day by creating a strong and empowering brand connect.


Mothers are often seen as a child's role model and the only prominent woman in their lives. TLC wanted to break away from this stereotype and show how different women play an equally significant role in the lives of a child. On the occasion of Women's Day, through a heart-warming short video, we invited and asked a few little friends to describe their love for the #WondersOfWomen in their lives. They delivered just that in their own unique way.


  1. The pre-production of the video began almost a month before Women’s Day. We recorded a social video of 5 kids sharing their raw and unfiltered thoughts about the important women in their lives. 

  2. The video was uploaded on Women's Day, across all social media platforms.


  1. The #WondersOfWomen campaign captured a total of 43,77,987 hearts across all platforms!

  2. They showed us their love through 10949 likes, 157 comments, and 1137 shares

  3. We also received an overall reach of 9261050 and 11169744 impressions.

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