Client Brief

Create a digital marketing campaign for the launch of Indian film superstar Rajinikanth's silver screen debut with a new segment of 'Into the Wild' with world-renowned survivalist Bear Grylls.


A digital promotion with a movie marketing strategy at its core. We gave Rajinikanth’s fans a means for celebration for his TV debut with #ThalaivaOnDiscovery Song and #ThalaivaOnDiscovery Dance Challenge.


We created a Tanglish song and music video which struck all the right chords with the South- our target audience. It was made available for download on a first-of-its-kind dedicated Thalaiva-themed microsite.

#ThalaivaOnDiscovery Dance Challenge - A UGC campaign to promote the show was created.

Entries were received through from all platforms including the microsite, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Tiktok.

Regional, macro and micro-influencers were used to spread the enthusiasm and amplify the response.


The challenge received 1300+ entries with 13,831 total website visits and 1164

total song downloads.

The music video received 18MN+ reach, 32MN+ impressions, 74K+ engagement, and 7MN+ views.

On the day of the show launch, #ThalaivaOnDiscovery was trending at no.2 on Twitter in India.

The show was one of 2020’s highest-rated premieres in the infotainment genre. 

The overall campaign received a total of 1.41B reach, 32 MN+ views, 3.32B impressions, 1MN+ engagement.

The overall Discovery follower base grew considerably with the Facebook fan base seeing a 10,000+ increase, Instagram follower base increased by 41,000+, Twitter followers increased by 6,000+ and YouTube subscribers increased by ​​​75,000+.

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