Client Brief

AVS decided to create an IP in sports. While everyone was doing cricket, marathons. We decided to launch a fut-sal (5 a side) football tournament. 


If penalty shoot outs and quick on field action excite you, Turfwar is sure going to be your game! Modern day Turfwar is a fun variation of football where each team has 5 players instead of the usual 11. 

And, you ask why is it different? 
Smaller pitch, smaller goals and reduced time duration
Huge emphasis on creativity and technique
Less time duration means every minute counts
Is going to be fast paced and happening


Being an own IP, we partnered with various brands. The idea was to reach as many possible colleges and do a finale in one city. It all started with Delhi and then we covered Pune. And we are still trying to reach as many people as possible. 


The tournament will be a platform for the upcoming young talent, where they will be exposed to serious competitive football to kick start their journey to the major leagues.

Event Details
Target Audience : Youth (60%), Media & Professionals (20%) and others (20%)
Pax to Attend : 30000+
Cities : Delhi, Mizoram & Jallandhar
Performances : Dance, Cultural, Engagements, Rock Band, DJ, Emcee Interactions & others


With 2 seasons, we reached more than 30k crowd over 2 years. Due to Covid the third season stalled. But AVS will be back with boom and create a tournament that reaches India. Post Pune we will add Goa & Jalandhar.

AVS India

Events / Exhibition

  1. New Delhi



Category Experience


11-25 Employees

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