Client Brief

Vachan: A Promise of great taste and enriched life

M/S Sarda Energy & Minerals, a Chattisgarh based leading conglomerate with diversified product portfolio into Energy, Steel & minerals wanted to enter into dairy sector with a differentiated win-win CSR based business model. They focused on development of rural farmers and modern dairy farming technique.


Procreate Humanized Design intervention:

Vachan Identity- In Indian culture, blossom on the hand is holy gesture made while undertaking a oath or making a promise. In our case its promise to enrich lives where blossom represents growth, prosperity & thrive of farming community, consumers and dairy cattle.

Brand Package Design: Visual Identity of rainbow represents a perfect harmonic combination which produces a symbol of beauty, promise and enlightenment.

When all dairy brands are claiming about purity, trust, freshness, nature’s/mom’s love & care; we talk about overall enrichment. Enrichment in terms of the quality of life for the dairy cattle. CSR business model that aims at economic development of local dairy farming community and dairy products as a taste en richer.



Our objective was to create a unique, own able and sustainable brand platform for them to get a competitive edge in today’s cluttered market scenario.



Design Success:

The launch of brand Vachan has received an overwhelming response in terms of brand trials and shelf off.



  1. Mumbai




11-25 Employees

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