Client Brief

Creating a compelling brand story for a new homeopathy personal care brand. Moon Flower

Medisynth a leading old player wanted to launch OTC products in Homeopathy based medicines. Brief to develop brand positioning of this new homeopathy product which creates a brand essence and delivers a strong brand story.


Creative solution

We created an aspirational brand that engages consumers with brand story.

The Moon serves as an illumination in the darkness, and helps us track the passing of time, we can accurately predict the moon phase and have been able to do so for thousands of years, so the moon can represent emotional and spiritual growth and journeys, and the emergence of understanding. Moon + Flower - Moon as Radiant, Pure, Illuminating and harmless and Flower as natural, genuine beauty.


Strategy & Approach

Procreate deep dived into the company’s vision to align it with this project. Their belief of treating homeopathy as a  way of life for healing diseases and ailments in a holistic way was utilized as the centerpiece of the projects positioning strategy.


Outcome With the immediate launch of the products, moon flower had a welcoming approach amongst the customers. The Brand created new opportunities thought the barriers of oversaturated markets.



  1. Mumbai




11-25 Employees

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