Client Brief

Brand Brief

The big idea of Joy Hair fruits Shampoo was to rebrand its existing range of product packaging which can visually engage consumers to the product.



Creative solution - The new pack of Joy Hair fruits shampoo was an exploration of multiple creative artworks in the personal care category.

Freshness of the fruits and strength of the hair was conceptually utilized to re-design the brand. This clearly communicated the story of ingredients that enhance and benefit the hair.


Strategy & Approach

Joy Hair fruits shampoo is one of the players in fruit-based hair shampoos. However, the packaging design language did not convey the goodness and freshness of fruits in a shampoo.

After a detailed market research and strategic design discussions within the team we finally provided the client with packaging design solutions which stood out for the ultimate quality and clarity.

We re-designed the brand to communicate story of ingredient that enhances and benefit the hair, showcasing integrating visual story consumers find appealing.



Outcome- The packaging design proved to connect emotionally to the consumers. There was a brand consistency across the different variants on the shelf. The brand story of utilizing ingredients which would benefit hair was well conveyed through the redesigned brand.



  1. Mumbai




11-25 Employees

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