Client Brief

Redefining brand architecture & design for India’s largest disposable items manufacturer. Creating Clarity from Chaos
Alka Lifestyles Private Limited is one of India's leading consumer disposable products companies operating in the food, healthcare and hygiene. In this rebranding (positioning) and redesign exercise we need to take Ezee to next level of growth path both as B2b & B2c brand.


Strategy & Approach

Ezee as a brand name itself stood for convenience and ease. We took this opportunity to establish a meaningful idea consumers can relate to. Brand ideology we took ahead and expressed “Live life Ezee way” A brand that makes your life easier and convenience, so that you can effectively manage your work life balance.

Building on easy recall element of suing ‘Tick Mark’ we created a signature style for the brand and crafting a strong identity for the product packaging and wide range. Ezee identity was improvised overall to reinforce the message of convenience.





Ezee brand in the B2B space is a leading player in manufacturing superior quality and a vast range of products - Foil Paper, Cling Wrap, Toilet Tissue, Paper Towel and more. However, it’s B2C presence was very low, though being a big players as a B2C brand it lacked visibility/ brand equity.

We had to establish brand consumer connect with a meaningful thought of what Ezee could stand for in consumers mind Moreover, focusing on long-term brand building, marketing and promotion.

Product range offering was huge and scattered, lacked appeal and unsuitable for cluttered market and commoditization. Design was not unified and look and feel lacked as trusted player brand.



We redesigned for brand growth, without effecting the current stage and equity and defined unique visual identity and architecture for its current and future forays products/variants.



  1. Mumbai




11-25 Employees

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