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Tea Culture Of The World, a whole-leaf premium teas start-up was about to make a shift from being a B-2-B supplier to directly entering India’s retail tea market. We were appointed to design just the retail packs but soon the engagement translated into a full blown rebranding journey. Our duties now involved designing the brand architecture, brand experience, brand language, e-commerce website and the retail experience.


In a country always used to doing chai pe charcha, ironically there was little talk of whole leaf tea. How does one build this conversation in the mass premium retail space, to make whole leaf tea a daily habit in a chai loving urban India?

For a well-travelled new-age Indian consumer who’s open to trying out new experiences but at the same time loves his ‘chai’ we needed to relook the premium whole leaf tea category in a younger, fun and agile way to reflect the shift from B2B to retail, from elitist to approachable, from expensive to aspirational.

We started with rebranding the logo. A free-flowing, hand lettered typeface was especially created to let us to write the brand name in the shape of a teakettle. The brand architecture was designed to simplify the portfolio with 100+ teas and 300+ SKUs making sure everything from the 100+ tea nomenclatures, packaging, retail store, e-commerce and website reflected the brand philosophy. We simplified and demystified this new category to present it in a clean, bold, no nonsense but approachable pick-me-up packs at the busy retail counters. We displayed the beautiful teas in big inviting transparent jars at pop-up stores inviting folks to come and experience them.

In a country where premium gifting for Diwali, Wedding & corporates meant dry fruits & chocolate at most, TCOTW was one of the trendsetters to introduce a healthy alternative. We thoughtfully crafted and designed each gift pack keeping in mind individual requirements for weddings, corporates, festivals and bespoke personalized gifts, thus creating a new revenue stream.


Within a month of opening its first retail store in Mumbai, TCOTW saw a steep rise in retail and e-commerce sales and the revenue grew many folds post the engagement.

One of the first few brands to launch whole leaf teas in a retail format, Tea culture of the world is now one of the most sought after exotic whole leaf tea brands in the country with a presence in 200+ stores across top retailers, shop-on-shop segments, modern and general trade, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and has created a niche for itself in the premium wedding and corporate gifting segments.

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