Raymond Ready To Wear, 2016

Raymond Whites

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By Plus One Design

Re-inventing the white shirt

Raymond (popularly known as the leading menswear fabric brand in the country) wished to establish itself as a prominent player in the competitive readymade clothing market too. ‘Raymond Whites’ not only created a new specialized category for white shirts but thereby, also renewed focus on its readymade offerings, brand legacy and style credentials.

A shirt is a shirt, how do you create and own a category within the infinite world of checked, stripes and plain shirts?

Every man has at least one white shirt in the wardrobe, to wear with jeans, or under a jacket. But is that all white is? Is it just a colour? Is it even a colour? And so is it just a white shirt? As we sought answers to these questions, it lead us to the brand name, the packaging, the retailing and the advertising campaign.

We used a multi-pronged approach to celebrate the numerous, beautiful and style associations that the white shirt and Raymond enjoy in the gentleman’s world. Everything, from the name, the packaging and its ‘100 styles’ claim was crafted towards this end.

Strictly black and white photography gave the campaign its distinct visual language. Headlines wove and explored new meanings of ‘Raymond Whites’ in the world of the contemporary gentleman. A combination of all elements was deployed in print, outdoor and in digital media through a microsite and digital posts.


Footfalls to the Ready To Wear stores almost doubled after the release ofthe campaign. Overall Raymond RTW White shirts sales showed steep spikes in a short period of time both in value & volume. Yet another most pleasing result was the Effie Silver award (for effectiveness in advertising) in the retail category to brand Raymond.


Raymond Ready To Wear

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