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Raymond was launching the world’s finest cotton - Supima in a range of Ready-To-Wear shirts & polo t-shirts. We were assigned with the task to create launch communication for the same.


The things worth valuing in the world’s finest cotton find an uncanny resemblance with the things worth valuing in the finest of men in this campaign to introduce Raymond Supima Cotton Shirts.

Supima, often known as the ‘Cashmere of Cotton’ is a special extra-long staple fiber grown in the US. Only 3% of the cotton produced in the United States ends up with a Supima label. The primary properties of Supima are that it’s 35% longer and 45% stronger than regular cotton fibers. Supima also has finer strands which are much lighter and more breathable making it the perfect fabric to make high-quality cotton clothing.

While Raymond recognized the potential and was launching the same, the challenge ahead of us was how do we launch it as ‘Raymond Supima’ and not just Supima? To make sure the marketing spends yield back benefit to brand Raymond and not just Supima, we had to dig much deeper.

The answers are often found in the question itself and in this case we went back to the deeply rooted and well established legacy of brand Raymond – The Complete Man.

The qualities of Supima cotton like the strength of fibre that yields resilient long-lasting products, soft & luxurious hand feel, vibrant colours that don’t loose their brilliance with time found uncanny resemblance with the Raymond Man. We drew connections with the Raymond Mans strength of character, his soft-gentle yet strong & colourful yet reliable true self.

It was the coming together of Supima, the finest brand of cotton, with Raymond, which represents the finest brand of men. The campaign, stands to reason, expressed the world’s finest men as an analogy for the world’s finest cottons. Best expressed in the tag line ‘The luxury of cotton, The spirit of the gentleman’ and a visual narrative that celebrated the fine facets of the complete man.

Everything from the location backdrop to the styling team, photographer, hair grooming, filmmaker and even music that reflected the coming together of American jazz & the Raymond sonic identity was thoughtfully suggested to reflect confluence of the two making Raymond Supima one of its own kind.

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