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Adding a newer dimension of style to ‘The Complete Man.’

The legacy of brand Raymond always enjoyed great affinity amongst its fans of ‘The Complete Man’. Yet, all good things must adapt and move forward when times they are a-changing.

Our AW15 narrative showcasing a suiting collection with bold new colours and never seen before exquisite fabrics was a step in just that direction. A new dimension of style to the many facets of ‘the complete man’ was ‘The Quintessential Gentleman’. He was really still the same, just a little bit bolder with his sartorial choices. In a new increasingly casual world he was opening up to experimenting. Be it wearing colours like never before, or mixing different patterns or textures with his suits and jackets to create a look that was uniquely him.

We defined what style meant to this new ‘Complete Man’ through the way he went around living his life with effortless ease, photography that captured a unique sartorial story in each frame and never seen before styling explorations on finely groomed Raymond men.

Impeccable taste, effortless style, unmistakable sophistication and a dash of adventure. With that, the complete man’s sartorial journey turned a new leaf.

Plus One Design


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