Raymond Ready To Wear, 2016

Raymond Ready To Wear AW16

Retail Branding Communication Design Print Design
By Plus One Design

The gentleman’s complete wardrobe - for the occasion called life.

Raymond RTW was looking to emerge from the shadow of its fine fabrics’ legacy, establish its own identity as ‘The Complete Gentleman’s Wardrobe Solution’ for the gentleman.

The best of Raymond in Ready To Wear was about the flourishes of texture, gestures of colour and magnificence of stitch, but most of all, for the brand and its gentleman consumer, it was about the refinement of the day. We helped capture this shared world view, through various life occasions big and small, be it at an imperial wedding, or bicycle rides for some father and son time.

The gentleman is about the things he does, and indeed, the manner in which he does them. The time he spends, the decisions he makes and the lives he touches. For AW 16, we made these not mere transcripts of the gentleman’s day, but breathing examples of immaculate comfort, natural ease and consummate style.


Raymond Ready To Wear

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