Raymond Fabric, 2015

Raymond Linen

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By Plus One Design
Client Brief

Raymond, the iconic menswear brand and market leader in menswear fabrics makes a relatively late entry into the linen category, but with immense style.

Can a brand synonymous with woollen suiting fabrics for 90 years, effectively extend its brand esteem for its new range of linen? Can this range become an opportunity to show brand Raymond in a more contemporary expression of style and fashion?


The brand stance and tag-line stemming from purity was already in place. The trick was in bringing it to life in a still medium, while also staying honest to the complete man, both old and new.

Linen is a 100% natural, sustainable fabric. Its imperfections are part of its natural beauty and charm. Quite like the gentleman who feels real and comfortable in his own skin.

Our words and pictures focussed on all the gorgeous, natural textures and imperfections worth celebrating in man and linen. A visual language was created where nature, linen, fashion and Instagram could co-exist together. Tightly zoomed-in shots that captured the beauty of fabric and feeling. A look that was deliberately minimal and naturally beautiful.

This also applied to the hair, skin and make-up of the models. Their only styling accessories were flowers and leaves found on location. The protagonists were visualised as an extension of the same natural ecosystem. Much like linen is.

What’s surreal? And then what’s real? Is it what the hand feels? Or is it something that moves the heart? With headlines, photography and a natural visual language that captured the beauty and purity of the fabric and the ever-evolving dimensions of man, the campaign demonstrates the fabric in the form of feeling. Where everything co-exists in a meditative pause that almost feels like it was painted by God.


This honest and fresh approach was deeply appreciated by Raymond’s audience, who along with fashion influencers took notice of the refreshingly new portrayal of the brand. Folks came back with magazine cut outs asking for the fabric showed in them.

The result was reflected in the numbers, the demand for linen grew significantly not only for the brand but also for the overall category in India. Looking at the high demand & keeping in mind the opportunities Raymond set up a new linen manufacturing plant.

The cherry on top was being featured as one of the top 10 campaigns in Asia by WGSN – the global trend authority for fashion and creative industries. Thereafter, this became the new creative benchmark for the brand and our long association with Raymond.


Raymond Fabric

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