Creambell Russia, 2016

Creambell Russia

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By Plus One Design
Client Brief

Indian MNC RJ Corp, was taking its home-grown ice-cream brand ‘Creambell’ to the global market. After successfully launching Creambell as an affordable luxury brand in Kenya & Zambia with the entire dairy portfolio, they wanted to launch Creambell in Russia. Plus One was assigned with creating the brand strategy, visual identity & packaging for the same.


Should indulgence in a dairy brand come at the cost of good health?

How do you capture market share in a competitive Russian dairy market, where other than several local players, major global brands had already captivated majority of the audience?

Competition market mapping revealed that most brands, including RJ Corps’ own ‘Goodness Farm’ were ploughing the farm-fresh to supermarket space with adjectives like natural, fresh and more commonly, ‘pure’.

It was time to dig deeper to understand the rather aware target audience, the progressive Russian urbanite. These are modern, confident folks who like to take good care of themselves. To look good and feel good by maintaing a balanced lifestyle – THEY ASPIRE FOR BETTER LIFE.

These are early adopters of on-the-go products, that are no fuss and more convenient. But with an increase in socio-economic, health and wellness concerns, there’s a shift in the consumer focus on the role diet plays on health, hence a heightened desire to consume nutritious food. The definition of indulgence now sought choices that offered nutrition along with delight. Changing preferences meant that consumers considered yogurt ice-cream as a healthier alternative to ice cream. Fruit yogurts/yogurt drinks were being seen as better snacking than say, chips.

Dairy is nutritious and a way better choice than other sodas or high fat/sugar/salt content products, hence there was a easy opportunity to own the space. And Creambell’s dairy portfolio was full of new indulgent flavours that entice the taste buds without compromising on health.

‘BETTER IS GOOD’ was the way we positioned Creambell as the affordable luxury brand offering health and well-being along with a value added, innovative and indulgent product offering. The brand’s role in consumers life is offering them the Power to choose unapologetic fullness and pleasures of life.

The brand design architecture with its bold branding, bright colour vignettes, and burst of indulgent new flavours was designed to communicate this power of choice & pleasure without loosing out on the health cues. The architecture laid out a strong framework for brand extensions apart from giving synergies within the product categories.


Creambell Russia

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