Creambell Dairy – Zambia, 2015

Creambell Dairy – Zambia

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By Plus One Design
Client Brief

Redesigning to streamline the brand portfolio

Creambell Zambia, a leading dairy based products brand was in need of a design overhaul for its dairy portfolio.

In a sequence of events where the brand kept adding new products to its portfolio, the brand itself had become a seemingly fragmented presence.


First in line for us was Creambell’s popular range of yoghurts. We simplified and unified the different ranges of yoghurts. The distinctive logo and the ownable graphic lockup was further strengthened to create a dramatic red wave as the products were stacked together.

Inspired by the fresh natural ingredients like juicy fruits, colours on the packaging in form of trending vignettes were pumped up. The portfolio is now more unified across different product lines. Standing brighter and prouder from every shelf they reach.


So we restructured brand architecture to unify its portfolio across different countries, to create a coherent brand language and also help optimize marketing spends.


Creambell Dairy – Zambia

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