Azva Jewellery, 2016

Azva Jewellery

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By Plus One Design

Making an age-old tradition of handcrafted jewellery relevant to the woman of today & encouraging her to give it a life beyond the lockers

Azva, the fine jewellery brand is inspired by the seven vows. Each handcrafted Azva piece manifests the concept of seven. The brand with its famous big statement pieces that highlighted the runway was looked upon as the ultimate wedding jewellery brand and found its way in many brides wish list. But the practical modern woman of today also sometimes saw it as a one time indulgence.

Our two fold task was to make an age-old Indian tradition of handcrafted jewellery relevant to the discerning young woman of today. And then, encourage her to employ its exquisite splendor not only on her wedding day, but also on other equally special days and evenings of life.

Azva jewellery blended modern designs with timeless craftsmanship making even the statement pieces extremely versatile. They could be worn both on the wedding day or a party with equal élan. The pieces in the jewellery set could further be worn individually to perk up any evening look effortlessly.

We styled the visual stories in two ways, the first was with the modern classic wedding looks. We employed the hopes, dreams and grandeur associated with a modern woman’s wedding day to build a real connection between her and the age-old Indian tradition of handcrafted jewelry. Where we took inspiration from the woman herself – our muse who embraces Azva jewellery effortlessly. Much like the versatile jewellery, the woman has many layers to her, she is multifaceted, ‘she is so many – she is the one’.

The second set of visual stories had the woman carrying Azva jewellery efforlessly with evening easy going looks, making it extremely contemporary and naturally beautiful. The clothes & make up looks much like the multifaceted jewellery were chosen to let the usablility of the jewellery to shine through . We compared Azva Jewellery to the sun here, which shines through no matter where it is. Urging women to bring out their jewellery outside the bank lockers and let it dazzle on their necks.


Azva Jewellery

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