Spice Hills Estate Full Tour - Ad Film

Client Brief

The client Spicehill is a long-time resident of Nilgiris wanted to make an ad film on his property. Being an ardent nature lover he wanted to showcase his property and the advantages of living in close proximity to nature. Nestled in the Nilgiri mountain range Spice Hill is a scenic 200-acre spice and fruit estate. Spicehill is cocooned yet well connected, with direct highway access and a 30 feet wide alternate road running through the property from Lamb's Rock, Coonoor to Burliyar. Our brief was to bring out the beauty and serenity of the place in the best possible way for selling real estate property in the region through an ad film.


We planned and shot the film showcasing the greenery, the cloud-capped mountains, and the famous Nilgiri mountain rail a UNESCO heritage train in a top-angle shot. The camera we used for this particular project was Canon 1Dx. The toughest challenge while shooting was to capture the Nilgiri mountain train in a top-angle shot. After extensive planning, we were able to get an excellent top-angle shot of the train emerging from a tunnel. The prevailing weather condition at the time was cold and cloudy making it a perfect time to capture nature. We trekked along the hill from bottom to top at the same time capturing the beauty in tough conditions where it was difficult to move through the undergrowth of plants. As leading ad filmmakers with a range of video production services the treatment we gave for this film was how time comes to a standstill amidst nature. Also, we superimposed the text onto the visuals to provide a seamless viewing experience at the same time communicating our message.


Client was very much happy with the results.


Spice Hills

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