Shriram Housing Finance Ltd, 2017

Shriram Housing Finance

Animation and Modeling
By Pathway Productions

Shriram Housing Finance - Animation Video

Client Brief

Shriram Housing Finance makes your dream home affordable. In their effort to reach small and medium business enterprise owners, Shriram Housing Finance decided to seek the services of 2D animation video makers. Their aim was to sensitize the target population/audience to minimize travel time by building or purchasing homes near their businesses.


Everything about Shriram Housing Finance is communicated through this video. The video creates awareness on how the corporation helps business people to own homes near their businesses. T


Through this 2D animation video, you can see how traveling wastes time that could have been used for executing purposeful activities. One of the leading and most sought advertising agencies in Chennai, Pathway Productions did justice by producing a perfect 2D animation video about Shriram Housing Finance. The main reason for choosing this video category was to bring Shriram’s narrative and message to the screen. A 2D animation was the best choice to fulfill Shriram’s branding and marketing needs effectively and at a low cost. The use of an iconic character in passing the message made the video appealing and worth viewing.


The video attained its purpose and satisfied the needs of the client. The target audience now knows that Shriram Housing Finance is ready to offer loans for purchasing and building their dream homes.


Shriram Housing Finance Ltd

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