Master Craft - Factory Visit #corporatefilm

Client Brief

For many years, Mastercraft has been at the forefront in producing injection molds and injection mold components. Mastercraft is a recognized manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. Its products are tested and qualified to meet the needs of the end-user. Every time, Mastercraft molds the future your way. One important aspect that defines Mastercraft is advanced technology. The company’s production machines and technology align with the needs of the 21st century. 


The viewers are made to watch every process involved in the manufacturing process, from the beginning to the end. The technology used by Mastercraft is the reason for its quality and high-value components. The advertising agencies in Chennai also show you how Mastercraft’s products are tested and qualified to meet global standards. It is a video that gives confidence to users of Mastercraft products and attracts potential customers.

Pathway video production services chose a corporate video to tell about Mastercraft. The choice of this video was triggered by the need to demonstrate the production process in the company. Through this video, Mastercraft customers can relate to the company and let potential customers know more about the business. Pathway productions chose this type of video to target Mastercraft’s core production demographics, technology, and end products. Mastercraft, the sole client of the corporate video was satisfied because the video served the purpose of a communication strategy. The video showcases the company’s brand personality and builds confidence with customers. The attractive visuals communicate the company’s production story. It is a thoroughly and professionally produced video.


The corporate video showcases the products made by Mastercraft. Different injection mold components are displayed for the viewer. Also, the video displays the technology used in producing these products. The production process is computerized and managed from advanced systems thus ensuring that it is done to perfection.


The Client has got satisfying results from the project and was very happy about the video.



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