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With the aim of selling CIPET to the world, Pathway Productions created a precise and appealing story about the institution. The story of the video focuses on letting viewers have a glimpse of information about plastics. According to the video’s story, plastic is a strong, flexible, versatile, and light material used in different fields. The corporate video sensitizes viewers on the importance of plastics both in producing different products and reducing stress on natural resources.


Being the first of its kind and serving as a pioneer to plastic engineering, the achievements and impact of the Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology (CIPET) are beyond expectations. With practical education as its main goal, CIPET has been proving its excellence in plastic engineering across the country. The video by the Ad production company explains the goal, achievements, services, and inner working of CIPET along with comments and opinions from CIPET experts. The detailed shots of CIPET's infrastructure, machinery, and equipment successfully instill CIPET's aim and mission in the minds of viewers.


Pathway Productions chose to do a corporate video about CIPET. Through a simple and flexible manner, the corporate video makers in Chennai chose this video to let the target audience know about the incomparable plastic education, support, and research offered by CIPET. The only way pathway productions could sensitize the audience about CIPET plastic technology was through a corporate video. It is a now and then video that tells about CIPET through eye-catching phrases and images.


The appealing and informative corporate video achieves its education and marketing purpose. It also satisfies the goals of the client in that by watching this video, it is no doubt that one can associate the knowledge of plastics with CIPET. It appeals to viewers to become part of CIPET and view plastics from a different perspective.

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