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Abb Remote Support collects data from drives automatically and continuously. Any fault is detected immediately and notified to the customer. Professionals analyze the real data on failure and produce recommendations to fix the fault. With no time, the fault is fixed and things get running again. Abb remote monitoring saves time and money.


This is one of the best ad films produced by Pathways Productions. The most sought advertising agency in Chennai strives daily to produce commercial ad films that click with the viewers and leave a deep impact. The ad filmmakers choose an ad film to market the Abb Remote Monitoring, build brand image, boost the product's image and capture new customers. By choosing a unique and effective ad film, Pathways Productions expanded and widened the product's customer-loyalty base.


Pathway Productions produced a video story about Abb Remote Support. It is a fact-based story with representative motion pictures. The story compares the Abb Remote Monitoring to the traditional way of monitoring and responding to drive faults. The leading advertising agency in Chennai shows how remote monitoring, unlike traditional response, saves time and money by reducing downtime. Through this story, businesses and companies can relate and choose Abb Remote Monitoring for better business running.


Pathways Productions liaised with the client in choosing an ad film that would capture the viewers' attention and pass important information about the product. In choosing an ad film, the marketing agency needed to influence companies and have them use the Abb Remote Monitoring system for the benefit of their businesses. we have satisfied the client’s goals by coming up with innovative and engaging content with strong visuals. The ad film leaves a lasting impact on the target audience.


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