Euro Kids International , 2020

My Teacher, My Superhero | Euro Kids

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By Overheard Communications

A Tribute To Teachers who Are The Superheroes of Learning

O Teacher Shukriya - a song Tribute to Teachers | EuroKids

Client Brief

Client: EuroKids International is a company in the education space in India which has its presence in education in preschooling, the K-12 sector, and online learning. It was founded in 2001. 

Brief: As an appreciation towards all the teachers working tirelessly from home, Euro Kids came up with an idea of dedicating an online concert featuring the famous singer, Shaan. The objective was to generate buzz around this initiative. 


Garnering maximum reach during the pre-event awareness phase and then ensuring high video view for the concert by reaching out to the relevant audiences. 


The campaign was divided into three segments: 

Pre – Live Event: To reach the audience 1. Existing Database 2. New Database (Parents)
During Live Event: Have maximum users to view it live 
Post Live Event: Maximum views on the video 


• Facebook 

• LinkedIN

• Instagram 



Reach: 1.4 million | Impressions: 18 million | Engagement: 2.8 million


Impressions: 16 million | Engagement: 0.12 million


Impressions: 30,000 


Euro Kids International

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