Client Brief

Client: KPMG in India is a subsidiary of KPMG, a multinational professional services network, and one of the Big Four accounting organizations. One of the 'Big Four' amongst the accounting firms, KPMG established its presence in India in 1987.

We have been in partneship with KPMG since 2014 for various service verticals like Media Buying, Live Streaming and Lead Generation for its Training Practice. 

Brief: During the annual budget, KPMG puts out a sectoral analysis including a snapshot of it by the partners. Live in Social Media. We need to promote this sectoral analysis to its relevant audience. 


Insight: Besides individual taxation, most online audiences are not the target for the sectoral analysis put out by KPMG. Hence, the platform selection and target selection was dictated by this segragation. Promoting highlights of the analysis along with the link for the detailed document has consistently worked for the brand.  

With the cosumption of the Video and Live increasing each year, a snapshot of sectoral analysis was recommended.


Live Streaming: 

The snapshot of sectoral analysis of the budegt by the partners is streamed live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  


Media Buying:

Platforms for media buying were identified on basis of the presence of the targeted audiences for each sector & budgets were allotted accordingly.


• Facebook: Principal Targeting - Working Proffesionals, Home Makers, Senior Citizens

• Twitter: Principal Targeting - Policy Makers, Businessmen, Journalists   

• LinkedIn: Executives, CXOs, etc. 

• YouTube: Topic Based Targeting 

Ad Types: 

• Twitter Cards

• Videos

• Website Visit Ads

• Social Media Post Promotion  


• The Live Stream generated close 77,000 views

• Traffic Up 77% to the landing page 

• LinkedIn: Impressions- 0.5 million | Engagement- 6,400

• Facebook: Impressions- 1.7 million | Engagement- 5,67,000

• YouTube: Impressions- 0.5 million | Engagement- 1,40,000

• Twitter: Impressions- 0.6 million | Engagement- 2,48,000


KPMG In India

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