ODN Digital Services Pvt Ltd

Client Brief

Noon does shoots in the studios in Dubai and needs help with editing the images. ODN edits 1000 images per day. Since Noon shoots mostly premium products in-house, hence apart from the regular retouching and background cleaning, ODN uses its expertise to improve product shapes, shine & shadows.


Idea is to use the fashion understanding and editing expertise of the ODN team and churn out a much better and faster output at a much-reduced price.


1. Receive Raw images from Noon along with specific editing instructions.

2 ODN checks feasibility and reaches out to Noon in case of any queries.

3. ODN team airbrushes BG's & model skin, removes creases, gives proper shapes to the products & increases reflection & shine (for jewelry & other reflective products)

4. Products are uploaded on shared drives


3x reduction of cost, much faster TAT


ODN Digital Services Pvt Ltd


  1. New Delhi



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51-100 Employees

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