Client Brief

We were tasked with a brand overhaul starting with
identity design, packaging and a brand tone of voice that would make eating fresh produce cool among young adults.


After various rounds of sketches and initial ideas, we found the biggest brand idea staring at us right in the face. It was in the name - Terraa. So we dug, and we dug deeper, and the more we dug the richer it got. Soil was the answer and it was right there.

We played with photographic soil, illustrated soil, photorealistic soil, and finally arrived at a distilled minimal derivative in a geometric cross section that everyone in the room could agree upon.


Once we are all on the same page about brand perception and perceived image for the consumer, we were ready to accelerate into realising this vision. Our logical process begins with a deep dive into the category, the competition, and the consumer.


Terra Farm Fresh

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